The Theragāthā is a classic Pali collection of verses by early. Buddhist monks. The work consists of verses, collected accordingtothemonkwith. The “Verses of the Senior Monks” is a collection of about verses attributed to of the senior monks alive in the Buddha’s time, or in a few cases, a little. 2 Jun This is an unofficial edition of the translation of the Theragatha by Bhikkhu Sujato found on It is also available in paperback.

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Heavily falls the rain of guilt on fault Concealed; less heavy where the fault lies bare. Vana-Vaccha 2 ATI: Suhemanto 15 [v ].

Theragāthā/Therīgāthā | Buddhist text |

Buddhism, religion and philosophy that developed from the teachings of the Buddha Sanskrit: A similar text, the Therigathacontains verses attributed to early Buddhist nuns. Khadiravaniyo 7 [v 42]. Ajjuno 13 [v 88]. Whether thou walk or stand or sit or lie, For thee the final day of life theraatha nigh; No time hast thou to dally heedlessly. Malitavambho 15 [v ].


The verses of one of the Buddha’s early attendants. Mettaji 14 [v 94]. At Home in the Mountains excerptAndrew Olendzki. Kassapo 12 [v 82]. The story and verses of this great Thera.


Khitako 25 [v ]. Munishiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Erako 14 [v 93].

There are some interesting traces of old thoughts to be found in the background story for the verses of this Thera: Jenta 2 ATI: Vajayo 14 [v 92].

The Blooming Lotus excerptAndrew Olendzki trans. By death the world is held enslaved; by age And by decay escorted, guarded sure, Without a refuge, everlastingly Struck as by thief with bludgeon and with sword.

Pilinda Vaccha 2 [v 9]. Cunda the Great By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Psalms of the Brothers: Thera-Gatha Index

Kimbilo 17 [v ]. For every day and night that thou dost waste, By so much less thy life remains to live. Dhaniyo 30 [v ]. Ujjayo 8 [v 47]. Anuruddho 83 [v ]. Dhamma or Vinaya, or what is called “Abhidhamma” with a capital “A” but which more likely ought to be referring to “abhidhamma” theragathw the study of actual practice, especially in the cultivation of the jhanas, release, and the super-normal powers, in which case calling it a ‘basket’ would indicate that such was not so much a collection of stories about specific occurrances as a collection of ideas.


A variety of early and late poetic thragatha are employed, and K. Sandhito 28 [v ]. Brahmadatto 47 [v ].

Posiyo 6 [v 34].