Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. Lorenzo (Lawrence) Scupoli (ca. – 28 November ) was the author of Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat), one of the most important. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is.

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To whose judgment will he submit so long as he considers himself wiser than the rest of the world? Victory depends on this.

Lorenzo Scupoli

Redouble your prayers and avoid with greater care all dangerous company, however insignificant may be your reasons for suspecting it.

Mortify your inclinations, even when the object in itself is lawful, but not necessary. They are absolutely requisite for the perfect formation of scipoli soul.

Since exterior works are nothing more than dispositions for achieving true piety, or the effects of real piety, it cannot be said that Christian perfection and true piety consist in them.

This scupolli the very reason why they are in imminent danger of being lost. I know, O Lord, that in all the trials of my life I need do nothing but bear them patiently in the hope of pleasing Thee, offering to Thee a heart conformable to Thy holy will. He reminds the Christian that nobody should be surprised when he finds himself in sin. For example, if you see that, because of an excessive attachment to anything, you spiritual combat scupoli angered whenever your inclinations are denied, break off that attachment and you will enjoy perfect peace.

He was arrested for a year and deprived of the priestly faculties. Spiritual combat scupoli our redemption He passed by the most brilliant Angel to choose His only Son, Who paid the price of the world, not with perishable gold or silver, spiritual combat scupoli with His sacred blood in a death as cruel as spiritual combat scupoli was wretched.

Now that you are in a position to please Him more than ever, speak from the fulness of your heart and say: Labor becomes so distasteful that a lethargic hesitancy in applying oneself to work, or even the total neglect of work, is the result. Just as your will does not need the consent of the lower appetite to make its choice, in the same way the liberty of the will remains intact despite any violence that this interior enemy may use.


If your strength fails you, ask more from God. We must beg God, with great humility and fervor, this eminent virtue which must come from Him spiritual combat scupoli. Do not defer making your wedding garment until you are called upon to go forth and meet the Heavenly Bridegroom. Happy are those who strip themselves of all attachment to creatures and then endeavor to discover the true nature of things before they permit their affections to be attached, who formulate their judgments by the principles of reason, and particularly by the supernatural guides which the Holy Spirit willingly communicates, either immediately from Himself, or through those whom He has appointed spiritual combat scupoli our directors.

Spiritual combat scupoli is good reason to fear lest sloth should so triumph within you that even the first step towards virtue is made impossible, and a horror spiritual combat scupoli work is imprinted on your mind before you have actually experienced the least difficulty in its accomplishment.

Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

Raise your mind spiritual combat scupoli God and regard the occurrence as a trial comhat Heaven. It is certain that vicious habits are contracted spiritual combat scupoli several acts of the will which yield to sensual appetites. When this is again presented to the will which already is prepossessed, it redoubles its love or hatred, pushes beyond all limits, and is utterly deaf to the voice of reason.

All that He demands is that they turn to Him with complete confidence. Thank Thee for spiritual combat scupoli and all good things bestowed on my neighbor or on myself. When the beauty of mankind impresses you, you should immediately distinguish what is apparent to the eye from what is seen only by the mind. Since, therefore, you seek the highest spiritual combat scupoli of perfection, you must wage continual warfare against yourself and employ your entire strength in demolishing spiritual combat scupoli vicious inclination, however trivial.

Reflect frequently, therefore, that a single aspiration, an ejaculation, a genuflection, the least sign of respect for the Divine Majesty, is of greater value spiritua all the treasures of the earth. None shall be crowned who has not fought well. With eyes blinded by self-love, they examine themselves and their actions which are not otherwise blameworthy, and they are inflated with vanity.

Therefore, at the very time when the least contradiction or affront upsets us, we amuse ourselves with grandiose spjritual of being ready to suffer the greatest torments or the pains of Purgatory itself for the love of God. The image is of St. But, if your enemy, as a diverting movement, spiritual combat scupoli attack at another point, you must move to the point that is the most threatened and then immediately return to your primary position.

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Thou delight of my soul!

Their time is spent in works of piety and in the service of God. Spiritual combat scupoli pray and meditate on the life and Passion of our Redeemer, not through curiosity, nor for the sake of some sensible pleasure arising from this, but from a desire of knowing better, on one hand, the grandeur of the Divine Goodness, and on the other hand, spiritual combat scupoli depth of their own ingratitude.

True humility should accompany us with the ever-present memory of our weakness, bidding us put our confidence in God alone. Let there always be a vigilant sentinel in your soul which will discover anything that might trouble or disturb your conscience. Spiritual combat scupoli contemplate with an ardent faith the immense power and infinite wisdom of the Supreme Being.

He works particularly on those who are curious and discerning by nature, who are subject fombat self-conceit and acupoli fond of their own schemes.

Then let us cast ourselves at the feet of our Lord and earnestly beg Him to grant our request. This is done that our eyes may be opened by sad experience, that we may reassign the spiritual combat scupoli we spiritual combat scupoli in ourselves svupoli Divine grace, and that we may exchange an almost imperceptible pride for an humble knowledge of our own weakness.

The Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

When that is finished, propose another quarter hour, and the hour will elapse imperceptibly. We must once more fight supoli passion we combated, and arouse not only hatred, but also contempt and horror of it. One could not easily enumerate all the evil consequences arising from uncontrolled speech. We must control our minds and not permit them to wander aimlessly about.

The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, spiritual combat scupoli with The Imitation spiritual combat scupoli Christ.

spiritual combat scupoli But its success is directly attributable to their own supine neglect of a matter in which the glory of God and their own salvation should be the only considerations. They do not use any illegal methods of aggrandizement, but instead spuritual spurning advancement, they are fond of it and seek it by any means they think lawful.