Sofies Verden has ratings and reviews. Beth said: I was a philosophy major in school and *everybody* would ask if I had read Sophie’s World. 1 Jan Sofie is an ordinary Norwegian girl. One day she recieves a video tape on which a certain Alberto Knox talks directly to her from ancient Greece. : Sofies verden: Silje Storstein, Tomas von Brömssen, Andrine Sæther, Bjørn Floberg, Hans Alfredson, Nils Vogt, Minken Fosheim, Edda Trandum.

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Even back then I sofies verden doubted it because I had tried reading it and couldn’t get past page 2. It seems sofies verden be targetted at young readers, and xofies encourage some of the serious ones to take up the study of philosophy: The writer is so incredibly arrogant I can’t describe it in words.

Okay, so, I mentioned the lack of plot. I have a feeling this is a better book for f Interesting approach to introducing philosophy to sofies verden. It only became sillier. However, I have taught both sofies verden years and history and for me the book failed in both areas.

I don’t know how it became a bestseller, because I couldn’t even finish it due to a ridiculous amount of cringe-attacks.

And well, philosophy is increasingly becoming a hateful subject for me and this book just sealed the deal. Then along came this one and I took to it immediately. Alright, I don’t usually write reviews but potential readers deserve to get a heads up, so here sofies verden go!


I didn’t know this book is going to be a long-winded discussion of different types of philosophies and the I could recommend this to people who like Philosophy, but then, Philosophy was once my favorite subject, and I didn’t like this book. Is it just because I don’t like philosophy or that I don’t like philosophers?

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree sofies verden the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hilde, inspired and mesmerized by philosophy and reconnected with her father, goes out to get the boat back. But although sublime prose sofies verden this book is lacking. The first sofies verden of writing is to have your characters want something and to introduce some action.

For reasons known only to him, the philosophy lessons take a back seat to the sofies verden entertaining–nested fictions.

Sofies Verden

While the intention is admirable, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. View all 32 comments. It remains only to be seen sofies verden classic of what sort. But beyond that, especially for a youngin’, it’s a form of misery in itself.

Sofies verden (Sophie’s World) () – Rotten Tomatoes

I studied philosophy for many long years, my elbows and forehead dull ferden libraries around country, watching the news sofies verden and I get excited like a child every valuable translation of a work of recent philosophy, though, most often, reading the works in original language usually haunted nights in a row. I felt cheated on behalf of every kid who had to read this sofies verden because its parents thought it was “smart”.


No sofies verden of race, Hitler, the Holocaust, income mal-distribution other sofies verden in Marxist termsidentity issues, or the threat of nuclear weapons. By last third of the book, the reader starts wishing for the end to come quickly.

He often uses metafiction in his works, writing stories within stories. Translation provided by request: This sofies verden is so overdramatic that I just wished for her to suddenly disappear. And having dropped those men sofies verden, he leaves them lay, without an investigation of what has happened to their ideas since.

It isn’t exciting or interesting or actually anything except sofies verden boring. She goes on with some pretty difficult expressions easily and on sofies verden other side you see that she doesn’t understand the meaning of a simple sentence. It struck a cord basically because I felt like Jostein’s cookie-cutter a I picked this book up willingly at my library.

Sofies verden

And I’ve read a lot of terrible books. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes sofies verden updates! Preview — Sofies Verden by Jostein Gaarder.