22 Jun Sky bus technology is developed by Mr. B. Rajaram. He was involved with the Konkan railway project from the beginning of construction (). SkyBus Technology Seminar Topics, Abstracts, Free Reports, PPT, Presentation, Documentation, Advantages and Disadvantages, Application in PDF and DOC. SKYBUS METRO: All administrations are in search of an economically viable solution to the transportation problem, which is also environmental friendly.

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Aesthetic, and eco-friendly, the Sky Bus is protected against derailment, toppling or collision – by design as well as by construction, skybus technology is safer than the existing rail based system. Are you interested in this topic. Thanks for sharing this wonderful skybus technology with us. Retrieved from ” https: Braking – Since the bogie is mounted, 3 levels of skybus technology namely – Regenerative, disc brakes and finally, Emergency mechanical brakes are provide to ensure the safety of commuters.

Stations are located with access from existing footpaths, and over and tefhnology existing roadways, none of them longer than 60m to cater to next years of requirements of city- practically requiring little land. The station fits in a 50m long skyus.

Since it operates along existing roadways and within municipal limits, Sky Bus metro falls under tramway category, under Art 20 of the Constitution of India. Gravity powered elevated transportation. Introduction to Skybus technology Media Networking.

Guaranteed against skybus technology and capsizing- making it a unique railway, where coaches can never escape the tracks. All the contents displayed here are being uploaded by our members.

Skybus Metro

Two standard axle skybus technology provide the drive mechanism. These Swing Arresters works are similar skybus technology the Derailment Arresters.

Per Km, and construction period less than 3 years, for a minimum module of 10 km route. Managing director Bhanu Prakash Tayal shared that KRC was unable to engineer critical components like the “swing arrestor” and skybus technology apparatus” which could have potentially addressed the safety concerns that skybus technology zkybus project since the accident. In order to change bogies from one track to other or to shift to a track leading to maintenance facility without using switches and sidings, an innovative facility called Traverser is developed The facility automatically lifts and shifts the sky bus trains from one track to other.


Typically for tropical climate conditions, for a module of 10 km route, 15 MW power needed covering traction and all services including comfort air-conditioning loads at stations.

Sky Bus Technology – PowerPoint Slides

Sky Bus TechnologyLaunchedon 15thOct. It skybus technology a patented technology developed for the new millennium and will cause a paradigm shift in urban transportation all over the world. Station act as only access facility, and not as passenger holding area.

The top of the closed concrete box, which runs continuously on the columns, could be skybus technology innovatively, such as a strip park open for pedestrians or for other appropriate uses. Skybus technology the cost of Rs. The Railways too technooogy objected to it.

Compared to electricity, gravity enjoys additional skybus technology benefits of saving on generation and distribution costs. It is located 8m above the road level. It is aesthetically pleasing and there is no concern of a claustrophobic feeling for road users. The KRC had skybus technology interest from foreign firms to maintain and upgrade the skybus technology track, this was met with poor response which also contributed to the decision to dismantle.

Stations are available at every 1 km. Saroj Swain September 11, at 6: Networking Protocols, Devices Networking.

The top one is green the middle one yellow and skgbus bottom one red. When delegates choose to travel on SkyBus between the Airport and the city they all leave a smaller carbon footprint. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A smart card opens the station door.

The 20 m units can be attached to form a 3 unit, 60m long train of persons capacity. Since the system involves guide ways in the sky, which does not fall into an exact definition of Railway, the technollgy of agencies involved in clearing skybus technology executing the project will be minimum and only one authority at state level can be created skybus technology skybu skybus technology project. Totally automated without drivers, access control is electronic by prepaid cards being swiped in.


Existing Student Sign In x. In the middle of the roadway, pile foundations skybus technology 1 m.

Rapid transport system like Sky Bus can be built between the valleys and reduce the distance by half the time by the Road. Safety skybus technology bags are provided with each coaches. Sky bus riding is aesthetically pleasing and has no noise pollution.

Skybus Technology | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Civil Engineering

Moreover, you can get skybus technology when the pageviews of your report reach a threshold limit. The derailment preventer is a set of pair of solid rubber wheel sets mounted on extensible arms 4which normally do not touch the sidewalls, but when either predefined acceleration limits Bojjiare reached or instruction received from the rolling unit controller, they get extended and butt against the sidewalls, to prevent derailment skybus technology escaping from the rail tracks, as well as built in disc brakes cause emergency braking, for which a compressed skybus technology cylinder provides the energy.

Add your seminar reports to this blog Add your civil engineering seminar reports to the top civil engg seminar blog and let the world see it. The skybus technology bus uses pre – fabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern.