View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. features of the Roland Fantom-X family of products. Much of . Sounds of the Fantom-XWorkshop series booklet for instructions on adding a sound to the.

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Although you are not required to assign a song name, you can assign fanfom using up to 15 characters, and you may find it a convenient way to store a title or memo that will help you organize your songs. Specify the key range in which the selected part will sound. Page Information When you need repair service, call your nearest Roland Service Center roland fantom x6 manual authorized Roland distributor in your country as shown below. This lets you modify the sound in a variety of ways roland fantom x6 manual operating the controllers.

Roland Fantom-X6 Owner’s Manual

Using the Pads The pads of the Fantom-X function in the same way as the keyboard, and can also be used to play RPS and roland fantom x6 manual patterns. Check that the MIDI cable has not roland fantom x6 manual disconnect- ed or broken. This manual also for: Using samples in audio tracks Editing an audio track You can edit roland fantom x6 manual audio track by moving or copying the samples within the audio track.

Page dddd Reverb Parameter 12 00 33 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd Reverb Parameter 13 00 37 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd Reverb Parameter 14 00 3B aaaa bbbb Clip 1 Note No. Receive Switch, Receive Channel Creating a Performance Equal Temperament This tuning divides the octave into 12 equal parts, and is the most widely used method of temperament used in Western music.


Higher settings will cause the TVF envelope to produce greater change. Specifications Chord Memory Preset: Information When you need repair service, call your nearest Roland Service Roland fantom x6 manual or authorized Roland distributor in your country as shown below.

When in monaural mode, only the left side L is specified. The number of the file name will correspond to the number in the sample list. Using The Pads Using the pads This section explains how to make settings for the System functions and describes the functions of the different System parameters.

The D Beam Assignable screen appears. Parameter List Startup Group P. From the rhythm set being played by the pads, you can select one sound to be played by the D Beam. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Pressing [F4 Mark Clear ] will clear the check mark. Page Model Name: Fantom-X Editor assigns parameters to sliders and knobs in the computer screen, allowing you to work efficiently in a graphical editing environment. Playing in Performance Mode Selecting Favorite Performances You can bring together your favorite and most frequently used performances in one place by registering them in the Favorite Performance.

Press a key or a pad on the keyboard to play a percussion instrument. Then by using the CD-R writing functionality of your computer, you can burn this data to an audio CD.

Roland DVD: Owner’s Manual for Fantom-X6, X7, and X8 FANTOM-XDVM

Modifying Waveforms waveResonance Offset, Release Time Roland fantom x6 manual Creating a Patch Resonance Offset Resonance Offset alters the resonance of the overall patch, while preserving the relative differences between the resonance s6 set for each tone in the Resonance parameter p. Table Of Contents Using the Pads Patch mode, Performance mode. Don’t have an account?

Pad Setting, Piano Mode This allows you to control pitch bend or apply vibrato. Play a chord while pressing the hold pedal.

The Knob screen appears. Normal reverb 1 Reverb: When in stereo, the right side R is also specified. If you want to stop playback before it is finished, press [STOP]. Creating a Patch fig.


Using samples in audio tracks If you’re using samples in a song, it’s convenient fajtom use the sequencer’s audio tracks. Contents Inserting a Blank Measure Insert Playing in Patch Mode If you roland fantom x6 manual to change the save destination, re-specify the save-destination rhythm set by using Press [F7 Write ].

Modifying the Sound in Real Time You can use the D Beam controller, realtime controllers, assignable switches or a pedal to modify the sound while you perform. Data transmission Sequencer Roland fantom x6 manual 4. The booster increases the input signal in order to distort the sound.

Playing Back a Song Changing the Playback Tempo of a Song The tempo roland fantom x6 manual which a song will play roland fantom x6 manual is recorded on its tempo track, but the tempo of the entire song can be adjusted during playback. Along with the Wave number, the Wave name appears at the lower part of the display.

Press [F5 Time Strtch ]. Page 18 – Play an arpeggio by holding down a chord Page 19 – Adding other changes to the phrase Page 20 – Playing a phrase with a single finger Page 21 – Playing a chord with a single finger Page 22 – Playing sampled sounds Page 23 – Tips for sampling the external input Page 24 – Playing sounds you’ve imported from a CD If you want strongly played notes to lower the cutoff frequency, use negative – settings.

In such cases, you can easily mute just the strings sound.