and is up. Mirrors availible: I’m selling a Apple G4 PowerBook for my friend on ebay. Here’s the main. The seller ended up enclosing a pieced together “P-P-P-Powerbook” which consisted of a 3-ring binder with old keyboard keys glued to it. On the sides and back. 28 Nov p-p-p-powerbook. (2) (x). This past weekend, I engaged in some mutually beneficial voluntary exchange of property with friends.

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There is even 2 Ls to type LOL faster.

Powerbook Scam Revenge – Made my day! | MacRumors Forums

Upon confirming that it is a scam, Harris responded to the scammer’s original e-mail stating that he had joined the escrow service. P;p thanks, take me back to the meme zone!

Manila – Nottingham – Philadelphia – Santa Barbar. November 28, at Not only did Jeff’s virus checker immediately pick it up, in fact a three-year-old with brain damage could pick it up. Poeerbook have a very similar model, bought it refurbished from apple just before the intel chip systems hit the market. A good exchange of value is when both parties walk away from the transaction happy, and they did. You must log in or sign up to post here. It looks so light and easy to travel with!



Visit the Trolls Portal for complete coverage. How should I respond to his email. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. They took some photos of the shop and posted them. She didn’t authorize for him to pick it up powerbooj the FedEx shop for obvious reasons.

SilentPandaMay 14, We see that you’re using an ad-blocker! Poowerbook been trying to find out though if we know what happened when this package was delivered Several people posting in the thread decided to stalk out the package’s FedEx tracking number, waiting for the arrival of the scammer.

Only the scammer would try to deadpool this to get revenge. The account the scammer used to get on eBay was a hacked one.


He wanted to take advantage of the situation and scam the scammer back. Discussion in ‘ Community Discussion ‘ started by srobertMay 14, P-WormMay 14, Jeff wrote to eBay telling them about the scammer, and some eBay did its typical response of telling him the definition of Escrow service for some powfrbook.

On April 27th,EricFate [6] submitted the following suggestion:. P-p-p-powerbook is part of a series on Trolls Visit the Trolls Portal for complete coverage. The package ended up being delayed.


If I were to give that to you, would you be able to get it to them so they can send the payment? Turned out he needed a phone number in order to send it, so he emailed the scammer and was instantly given a fake number.


It’s also on Uncyclopedia. I didn’t really need them now that I got rid of the powerbook. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you’re using an ad-blocking solution. KingsnappedMay 14, Took a long time to read, but it was worth it. Pipski and Starbucks then went on a recon mission to the mail address used by the scammer. Jeff powerobok an angry reply to the eBay rep before getting an email from the escrow service telling him to mail the powetbook to the buyer.

Retrieved from ” https: I would also like to know the condition of the unit. You must login or signup first!

I wish I didn’t pay opwerbook such fast shipping, now that I see how long FedEx takes. I like to come up with new and exciting ways to leave it! Please let me know I am very interested. Dec 27, Location: Jan 28, at Like us on Facebook!