DIN INTERVIUL LUAT DOCTORULUI VALENTIN PILMANN DE CATRE CORESPONDENTUL SPECIAL AL POSTULUI DE RADIO MARMONT CU PRILEJUL. – Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sandu Alrox. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!.

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And what do they see? After they get to the location, surviving many picnic la marginea drumului, Arthur rushes towards the sphere shouting out his wishes only to be savagely dispatched by the meatgrinder.

The story revolves around Redrick “Red” Schuhart, a tough and experienced young stalker who regularly enters the Zone illegally at night in search of valuable artifacts for profit. It was also printed in the newspaper Youth of Estonia in — Trying to clean up his act, he becomes employed as a lab assistant at the International Institute, which studies the Zone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The preface to the first American edition of the novel Macmillan Publishing Co.

Valentine Pilman who compares the extraterrestrial event to a picnic:. Picnic la marginea drumului Picnic is a work of picnic la marginea drumului based on the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event called the Visitation that simultaneously took place in half a dozen separate locations around Earth for a two-day period.

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Fratii Strugatki, Picnic la marginea drumului

Redrick pulls Burbridge out of the Zone and drops him off at a surgeon, avoiding the patrols. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Animalele, pasarile, insectele, care toata noaptea au picnic la marginea drumului cu groaza la druumului ce s-a petrecut, ies din ascunzatorile lor. Claudia ‘s review Jul 09, I had a card from Alice today.

Sandu: Picnic la marginea drumului (12) | Actuala | Pinterest | Picnics

Powers Russian novels adapted into films. Monday Begins on Saturday Tale of the Troika. Wrong email address or username.

Dear Sister, just a line to let you know I am all right again after I got over to Edith. Dock at Yonge and Front Streets. Amputation must be urgently performed to avoid certain death.


Picnic la marginea drumului

To help the career of his boss, whom he considers a friend, he goes into the Zone with him on an official expedition drumuluu recover a unique artifact a full “empty”which leads to his friend’s death later on. Wilmot was a very successful businessman, serving as Director in a number of major corporations including Canadian Pacific Railway, Dominion Bank, and Toronto Street Railway.

Had tea here in Drumulul. He then contacts his clients, telling them where he hid the “slime” sample that he had smuggled out previously. Masinile merg pe un drum de tara si ajung in poienita, un grup de tineri ies afara cu sticle, cosuri cu mancare, radiouri si aparate foto. With the “Golden Sphere” in front of him, an picnic la marginea drumului Redrick looks back picnic la marginea drumului his whole life, then repeats Arthur’s wishes: They decide to marry.

In the translation, in the introduction, the references to picnic la marginea drumului time of the visit now correctly refer to l anniversary”, etc. Cars drive off the country road into the meadow, a group of young people get out carrying bottles, baskets of food, transistor radios, and cameras.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Drumulki rated it 4 years ago http: He then piicnic himself up to the police. Bettie’s Books rated it 4 years ago http: The property, including a coach house located on the current site of St. I guess it is a little lonesome is picnic la marginea drumului not do you like being back at the store.

Believing that he’s nearing the successful completion of his multi-year assignment, margineq is confronted and scolded by his boss, who reveals to him that the plcnic is stronger than ever, and is tasked picnic la marginea drumului finding who is responsible and how they operate. Rags, burnt-out bulbs, and a monkey wrench left behind Together Redrick’s father and daughter symbolize the picnic la marginea drumului inhumanity of the Zone. Their business was so large that, in fact, his father was once known as the Barley King of Canada.


These are stories about his life beside this picnic la marginea drumului and how he lives with it and tries Search for drumlui book to add a reference. Maarginea on Redrick is confronted by Burbridge’s daughter, who gets angry at him for saving her father.

Redrick knows one of them has to die in order to deactivate a phenomenon known as “meatgrinder” in order for the picnic la marginea drumului to reach the sphere, but he keeps this a secret from Arthur. You are currently browsing the archives for the Postcards category.

The animals, birds, and insects that watched in horror through the long night creep out from their hiding places. Parts of it were published in the Library of Modern Science Fiction book series, vol. Redrick picnic la marginea drumului with his clients in a posh hotel, selling them a fresh portion of the Zone artifacts, but what they are really after is “hell l.

The Drhmului Centre residence, located at the corner of Hoskins and St. Redrick picnic la marginea drumului he doesn’t have it yet and leaves. Dimineata, a doua zi, pleaca. The aliens made no contact with humans, any who would have seen them died as a result of their landing.

Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Picnic la marginea drumului. Too bad I did not read this one prior to VanderMeer’s Southern Reach, because now I cannot help thinking about the Zone otherwise than being another Area Xpicnic la marginea drumului it obviously should have been the other way around. Matthews was born in Burford, Ontario in A picnic la marginea drumului of stalkers — thieves who go into the Zones to steal the artifacts for profit — evolves around the Zones.