MYPIN TA4 PID Controller, The MYPIN TA4 PID is one of the better controllers from China. Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller . JConn Inv. PID Controller Instruction Manual This information is specific to the Mypin TA4 based controller sold by JConn Inv. but it should work for most TA4. Anyway, the manual did not come with the MYPIN PID. Does anyone have a link to the MYPIN PID manual? Manual for Mypin TA4.

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Skip to forum content. Apr 9, 7. That lets the computer circuit inside the PID do it’s job and learn how your individual smoker responds to the heating element. The Sestos controllers are a little different, but they mypin ta4 manual come with a manual.

Mypin ta4 manual the SET button once and release and the F will stop flashing 7. Apr 9, 4. Homebrew kegging and draft beer tapping equipment including manua, CO2 tanks, CO2 regulators, quick disconnects, Cornelius kegs, beer taps, pony taps, beer hardware, hoses and fittings.

question wiring MYPIN TA4 RTD probe

I think mypin ta4 manual “P” parameter should be “off” and the “hys” parameter set to “5”. Is there something else I should check or is this normal in pid adjustments. Do mypin ta4 manual already have an account? Haven’t tried anything else as it is working now. Again thanks guys for all the help this forum is a true mentor in general and all of you advocates that swing the knowledge are awesome!!


If you were to stick it into a glass of room temp water, it would drop fairly rapidly. The link you provided looks more like a technical specification page.

Mypin TA4 user manual | – Beer, Wine, Mead, & Cider Brewing Discussion Community.

Saw the part about setting it to Set the PID temperature to your normal mash temperature 5. I opened the 3 kypin of mypin ta4 manual.

But you can re-tune the PID anytime, and repeated auto tune cycles do not harm the unit. It will fire the SSR heater when the actual temp falls below the set temp by the value set in the “hys” parameter mine is 3 degrees and turn off when the temp hits set temp.

In my ice water after letting ice sit in there three minutes and 1 stir. Hard to follow the words, for me at least. You can put mypin ta4 manual few bricks on the rack of the smoker to simulate the meat as the mypln will soak up some of the heat similar to the way meat will. Apr 10, Apr 9, 3. No, create an account mypin ta4 manual.


Press and hold “set” button for 3 seconds. To run an auto tune cycle, it’s pretty simple. Fellas, good news since turning that p value to off I’m able to get the pid and ssr to communicate properly.

What dictates how far that probe and pid reading is off? The PID is easy to use and easier to program than most.

MyPin TA4 set-up

It’s in the manual I referenced above. I think it is in the PID setup. I’m building my Filastruder right now.

Wait until unit exits menu mode on its own. How do I change the temperature I’d like to extrude?

Brandon, I just received your PM and sent you a reply. Anyway to negate that or is it worth worrying about? Then a different style of probe might work.

As this is manjal a smoker and those few degrees aren’t to critical. Another possibility is a bad PID. Programmed it according to the heat recommendation.