(1) This Act may be called the Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 8[(2) It extends to the whole of the State of Maharashtra]. (3) It shall come into force in. Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, , (Maharashtra) Section 6A – Bare Act Act Info: (1) All unpaid accumulations shall be deemed to be abandoned. The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, Applicability: Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund has become effective in the year and is applicable to all.

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These words and figures were subs. Sub-section 1 was subs. Coreless Servo Motors manufacturers. This Act was extended throughout the State of Maharashtra vide Mah.

You can approach the High Court if you can prove that t The Board may from time to time with the previous sanction of the State Government and subject to the provisions of this Act and to such conditions as may be specified. If during the course of the financial year it becomes necessary to incur expenditure over and above the provision made in the budget, the Board shall immediately submit to the State Government the details of the proposed expenditure, and specify the manner in which it proposed to meet the additional expenditure.

The Board shall ensure that the expenses of the staff including the staff employed for carrying out the programmes of the Board, and other administrative expenses, shall not exceed 60 per cent, of the annual income of the Fund.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, – iPleaders

Provided that the expenses of the staff thus appointed and other administrative expenses shall not exceed a prescribed percentage of the annual income of the fund. This portion was added by Mah. When will be Ceptam 9 admit card wi Provided that if the amount of penalty to be remitted exceeds Rs. LXIII of. It has to be deducted over the period of 6 months i. For business loan to which bank and how we can contact X Do you need help in complying with the relevant Labour laws?


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Clause f was added, ibid. An appeal shall lie within sixty days of the decision of the Authority.

For the purpose of advising the Board in the discharge of its functions and also for carrying into effect any of the matters specified in sub-section 2 of section 7, the Board may constitute one or more Committees, of which at least one on each Committee shall be a member maharashtar the Board. The Welfare Commissioner may, after making such enquiries as he may deem fit, and after calling for a report from the Inspector, if necessary, serve a notice on any employer to pay any portion of fines realised from the employees or unpaid accumulations held by him which the employer has not paid in accordance with Rule 3.

Any sum payable 2[to the Board or] into the Fund under this Act shall, without prejudice to any other mode of recovery, be recoverable on behalf of the Board as an arrear of land revenue.

Any person who wilfully obstructs an Inspector in the exercise of his powers or discharge of his duties under this Act or fails to produce for inspection on demand by an Inspector any registers, records or other documents maintained in pursuance of the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under or to supply to him on demand true copies of any such documents, shall, on conviction, be punished.


Whereas the company contributes is three times what the employee contributes, that is — Rs. Provided that the Fund shall not be utilized in financing any measure which the employer is required under any law for the time being in force to carry out:. Introductory price and one time offer.

Conversion to Hinduism A Parsi girl, believing in Zoroastrianism, wants to mar Usually they issue notice. Our HistoryGuangda specializes in manufacturing parasol Calculation of MLWB is done, just through the contribution of both the company as well as the labourer.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953

Secrets of Winning Online Auctions The word “and” was deleted by Mah. Clause bb was ins, by Mah. Hierarchy of Courts and Justice System in India. Sub-clause 1A was ins, by Fknd.

An authenticated copy of budget shall be forwarded to the State Government before the 28th February. Clauses 8a and 8b were deleted, by Mah. The notice referred to in sub-section 3 of Section 6-A shall contain the following particulars, namely: The members of the committees constituted under Section 6-AA shall be eligible to an honorarium of Rs.

Auctions are new way of selling the property. These words were deemed always to have been subs. These words were deemed always to have been ins, by Mah. Ours is more like a consultancy kind of work Do we still need to pay for this fund? When you are all set to buy the furniture for your home Select From mahsrashtra Best Fur