ISO/TS is an ISO technical specification aimed at the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing. ISO/TS was prepared by the International Automotive Task Force . exclusions are limited to requirements within clause 7, and such exclusions do. This reference is a quick clause-by-clause summary of the ISO/TS requirements. The additional ISO/TS clauses are highlighted by the .

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Perform an update after any changes. For purchased products, components and iso ts 16949 clauses. The requirements are intended to be applied throughout the supply chain.

Include the general data. Continual improvement of the organization. Equipment list with serial numbers.

Iso ts 16949 clauses the effectiveness of existing operations. Expired documents obsolete are maintainedarchiveddestroyed or locked up so that we can not use them normally. Measurement techniqueserror-proofing equipmentsampling, control methods. Review, verify and validate changes before clausee. Conduct internal audits to determine whether the QMS is effectively maintained.

Ensure that personnel is aware of the way they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives. React in time; notify the customer ; customer approval.


Cost reduction Greater flexibility Increased effectiveness Bigger individualization.

ISO/TS 16949:2009 requirements

Identify internal requirements constraintsrulesconfidentialityhealth and safetyhygiene. Obtain customer authorization when review iso ts 16949 clauses impractical. Management of production tooling.

Ensure that outputs specify product characteristics essential for its safe and proper use. Process mapping can lighten the overall clauwes of product realization 7.

Componentsraw materials and semi finished products are part of the product.

Report to top management on the performance of the QMS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each change of a product requirement involves updating internal documents and distribution of information to those concerned.

Retrieved from ” https: Monitoring and measuremnt of product. Iso ts 16949 clauses it makes sense; clausrs achieve the objectives of each process regularly monitor the indicators. Validate all production and service provision processes.

Service agreement with customer. Plan the iso ts 16949 clauses necessary 61949 demonstrate conformity to product requirements. Determine monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement methods. The reviews enable at key steps to verify trialstestsmeasurementscalculations whether results are in line with objectives. Include in the quality plan customer requirements.

Keep the integrity of the QMS when changes are implemented. Why re-invent the wheel? Monitor supplier with ido he indicator delivery schedule performance. Equipment maintenance is regular ly carried out. Design and development verification. Make arrangements with respect to iso ts 16949 clauses effects watch out for excessive zeal.


Complete validation before the delivery or implementation of the product.

ISO/TS – Wikipedia

Provide product identification, handling, packaging, storage and protection. Define type and extent of control iso ts 16949 clauses outsourced processes. Views Read Edit View history. Verification of purchased product. Do not forget the changes made by the supplier.

Maintain evidence of conformity with the acceptance criteria.

Full information from the BOM component specificationsraw materialsconsumables. Identification of statistical tools. Determine the effectiveness of each process. Identify, uso and control special characteristics. This implies that all customer requirements are met.

Collect usage information of the product. Define the audit criteria, scope, frequency and methods.

ISO/TS 16949

Determine the commitment to comply with requirements of the QMS. Promotion of the week.

The questions requirements of this quiz aredon’t worry.