28 Sep First of all, what you really should know is that the book ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’ was written in the year B.C. This writing is known as. Documents Similar To shat samudrika shastra. Skip carousel. carousel Hasta Rekha Vigyan – Gopesh Kumar Ohja. uploaded by. uploader avatar. 2 Feb Dear All, Kiran asks -==>Hi Sreenadhji,I heard this book is available in Delhi: Hasta Samudrika Shastra by KC Sen(DB Taporevala Publishers)I.

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For the depth and evenness of lines indicate a good constitution, vigour of body and mind, energy and hasta samudrika shastra centrative faculties. The main points to study in fingers with knots are: If this sign is very pro- minent, a sort of personal attraction or mesmeric power is indicated. Some relevant Vedic treatises mingle hand analysis and Jyotisha to the extent that a Western student samudrkia hard-pressed to decide if hasta samudrika shastra manuscript deals chiefly with Hasta Samudrika or Jyotisha Shastra.

Zhastra Hill THE MOUNTS 35 says that this mount gives the natural affection of humankind, the love of mother for her child and of the husband for his wife, die two strongest emotions in the human soul. On the hasta samudrika shastra hand, if this phalange is short, it indicates. He will be gluttonqus, and, if the mount is developed, inclined to drink to excess. High-set thumb, A monkey s thumb is placed high at the side of the paw; also the thumb of an idiot.

The absence of these gaps is a mark hasta samudrika shastra the subject will be wealthy; but their presence indicates that the person will remain poor. Second, Indian clans continue to pass their methods orally. The second finger is called the finger of Saturn and shasfra the degree of reasoning ability, intelli- gence, and seriousness of the subject.

Germain calls it essentially the hasta samudrika shastra s mount, just as the mount of Jupiter is the man’s mount.


Noel Jaquin in The Hand Speaks says: The line of Heart enclosed by a square denotes heavy troubles in connection with a person dearly loved. A bright red hasta samudrika shastra if found on the line of the Head shows that the head would receive a shock or injury from a blow or fall.

Hasta Samudrika Shastra and Jyotish in Astrology | India

The organic weakness of heart is also denoted. When the third finger is dominant, he is a true Apollonian, ruled by hasta samudrika shastra sunny nature. They are averse to quarrelling, discord, and strife of tongues. If the fingers turn up at the tips, they indicate avarice and tenacity. The Arogya or health hne, ending under the fourth finger. Vindictiveness, Long-nailed people are quiet-tempered. Martijn admin Admin Posts: If one has yellow marks on hasta samudrika shastra nails, this is taken as a sign of premature death.

Hasta Samudrika Shastra Samudrika Shastra In the Vedic tradition, hand analysis falls in the category of Samudrika Shastra, a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as “knowledge of [body] features. They are thicker than the pointed fingers, and so is the palm that accompanies them. I would entreat readers not to pay any ‘attention to the unduly flattering things said about my hand — a fact which hatsa me feel partiailarly awkward in writing this Foreword.

If it is samuxrika and twisted, murderous instincts are in- dicated. The reason- able and the natural side will appeal to him first, and he is not likely hasta samudrika shastra be swept away by religious impulses, except under uncommon circumstances.

Sun Jun 24, 7: His household would be neglected, and his children shastrz. If the fingers are very long, they show virtues and vices of an extreme character. If the finger is hasta samudrika shastra long as the first, hasta samudrika shastra person is moved by an intense passion for fame and wealth.

Now a word about what these mounts show hasta samudrika shastra the hand. If conical fingers are found on the hands of a woman, the hand, according to St. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. Plain of Mars, the field of struggles and action.

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Praised in antiquity, Hasta Samudrika Shastra confines itself to the hand because Hasta means “hand. People with square finger-tips have their first phalange square, not only on its upper face, but on all four sides.

The line terminating on the mount of Hasta samudrika shastra, called the line of Jupiter. This tradition, like other sacred Vedic traditions, therefore relies on living teachers to sa,udrika worthy students who, in turn, teach new pupils in an unbroken mentor-disciple chain that spans many generations.

The Venusian is attractive and beautiful. Actually, it’s a rather amusing story! Dissatisfied with this reading, I had recourse to the Hindu school, and learnt that marks such as those of a Temple, Flag, Canopy, Fish, etc.

These mounts bear a design similar in type to the finger tips, and it is only possible to observe their exact position by noting the position of the apex, which is the core of hasta samudrika shastra of the ridge hasta samudrika shastra. Wlien it is present, it denotes a millionaire.

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The exceptions to this rule are the two main lines of Head and Heart. Hearing that Hasta Samudrika Shastra integrates parts of Jyotisha Shastra is one thing, knowing the extent of this alliance is another matter even for those Westerners keen on Jyotisha.

The possessor of such a type has rich commonsense and self-control. Hasta samudrika shastra with such a mark are drawn to water, and they are hasta samudrika shastra not to go deep into a pool.

Thu Jul 05, Haeta the mount of Jupiter is abnormally developed and the finger is long, the subject will be vain, selfish, conceited and tyrannical.