Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend can be read for free at – the free Library of Metaphysical New Thought Books and Texts. Genevieve Behrend is Thomas Troward’s only pupil and was very well versed in the Law of Attraction and in the power of positive thinking. Attaining Your. Attaining Your Desires [Genevieve Behrend] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An unabridged edition, to include: Troward — Interpreting.

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I desire to crystallize the heart-coinings of my revered master, J udge Thomas T.

You mean that by making practical use of your suggestions, I will be able to attain practical results which will help not only myself but others also? Do not overlook the word “spontaneous.

Dee Nell rated it it was amazing Aug 28, The examiner, on reading it, was amazed, and asked “What text-book did you use for this paper? At the time have no thought of your improvement as a musician, for if there is any ulterior motive, your will- training will be lost sight of.

For physical health you would endeavor to keep your thought as harmonious as possible, and mentally picture yourself as well and doing the useful, happy things in your daily life that a healthy person would naturally do, always understanding that the originating Dewires Principle in you must act harmoniously upon itself in order to produce harmonious physical results.

His instinctive feeling is that there should be a more efficient way of grinding grain, and he meditates a good deal on what this way might be. If you will practice in this way, you will very soon realize that this is the reciprocal action between your mind and the Universal Mind. Faith gives substance to things unseen.

Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend

All are forms of life, because of that inner Principle of being which sustains them. You are a vehicle or distributing medium of the creative Spirit of Life. Check out the options available through Archway Publishing.

Troward for the household management. I n studying the law of your own being, the important thing to realize is that you, as an individual, are a specializing center, through which the power or essence of Life takes forms which ataining exactly to your most habitual conceptions.

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Do you mean that my understanding of life’s laws can give me the realization of attainibg liberty in my individual life: When you have discovered some part of these laws, you will ascend the scale of intelligence as you make practical application of your discoveries. As I followed, the personality of the man became obscure, and I was only conscious of the clear, commanding voice, and the light of the inward torch which he bore.


On the other hand by simply believing the Divine Promises, you transfer the whole operation to the Divine Spirit your subjective mindand so you have a good ground of expectation, and by your mental receptive attitude you become a ‘fellow worker’ with God.

She found him in his studio, fully dressed, king on the sofa in a state of physical collapse. I mean, by a lower degree of intelligence, one that is unable to recognize itself as being one of the highest forms of life. When his studies were completed, Troward went up to London for the Indian Civil Service examination, a very stiff one, which he passed with high credit.

This is surely a good and sufficient reason for wttaining the will.

All rights reserved Vers. Would this not be literally living in my true mental abode. It depends upon what you have read about the different kinds of will.

I did not quite understand then, and I do not know now, jut how it happened. Mentally entering into the spirit of Life’s amenable creative force, it will take any special form your desire gives it, which is mentally pictured or visualized. This is the foundation principle upon which you can specialize the generic law of the whole creative process, and cause behfend to bring all of its Intelligence and Power to bear, in meeting your particular necessity.

It has always seemed to me that the average person prefers the satisfaction of giving to another what he reclaims, rather than helping or teaching him how to attract the desired things to himself, which would give him in addition a feeling of assurance and liberty. I have studied the subject now for several years, and have a general acquaintance with the leading features of most of the systems which unfortunately occupy attention in many circles at the present time, such as Theosophy, the Tarot, the kabala, and the like, and I have no hesitation in saying that to the best of my judgment all sorts and descriptions of so-called behrebd study are in direct opposition to the real life-giving Truth; and therefore you must not expect any teaching on such lines as these.


Genevieve Behrend was Thomas Troward’s only pupil and was very well versed in the Law of Attraction and in the power of positive thinking. Then the genrvieve is, how to keep the conscious thought in a life-enjoying and life-giving current. To illustrate this, look at a flower. Its development is gradual. The reason you succeeded, without understanding the power which you possesses, was that you used it unconsciously, according to the law of its own nature, and reached harmonious results as in the incident that you have just related.

In our next lesson we will take this up more extensively and prove why it is true. The unseen word or thought.

Attaining Your Desires by Geneviève Behrend

He further says, ” all the bible premises are based on the knowledge of your mental constitution”,pg We provide these books tenevieve empower you with happiness and success.

Yes, if you choose to go with life’s continual, harmonious movement, you will find that the more you use the law of harmony through progressive thinking, the more intimately acquainted you will become with the law of reciprocity. They are not advertisements.

After several attempts at feeling around in the dark, you begin to feel tired, more or less discouraged, and you reason with yourself thus “Oh, what is the use?

Now suppose one wanted more money or better health. Have faith in the force of your own thought.