Explore Victoria Lee’s board “Forever living marketing plans” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Forever living products, Marketing plan and Forever living. Forever Living Products Aloe Vera drinks is four healthy varieties of fresh, stabilized aloe . Forever Living Products’ Marketing & Compensation Plan – Business. 12 Sep Like all MLMs, Forever Living has a complex compensation plan. There are 10 ways to earn with FLP. As you order more product and sponsor.

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It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration.

Can You Make Money With Forever Living — The Finance Guy

Their incentive is make money, not to help you. This does not include any of the additional benefits paid to high performers such as cars, luxury holidays, and more. You should look at your own personal situation and plqn before making any financial decisions. The main reason is because of saturation. This does not mean that network marketing is an ethical way to sell products. We don’t believe that you can make money by simply ‘duplicating’ what others have done.

Another study by the National Centre for Integrative and Complimentary Healthhad similar findings. In a little over a year you’d have a network of over 4, FBOs.

Forever Living Products – Marketing Plan

Forever Living is targeting people who are quite possibly maeketing financial distress, and probably have below average financial literacy. However we’re happy to be proven wrong in this full review of Forever Living Products. Flo helping these people may seem noble, we see this as a red flag!

The information on the FLP website is a bit vague. All you have to do is share the products and business opportunity with others and you will make enough money to achieve ‘ financial freedom for life’. We’ve heard others make that claim then turn out to be just another MLM. All you need to do is recruit one person per month, and have them ‘duplicate’ the process. If you purchase 2 CCs worth glp product within 60 days, then you can qualify for wholesale pricing.


FLP is making good quality products, but could be over priced. Within a few months she realised that she’d made a horrible mistake.

Forever Living Marketing Plan

Make sure that you try the products yourself and compare them to competitors. The problem is that we have not found any evidence that either the products or the marketin opportunity actually work as promised. They explain that the products are good, but are too expensive. We managed to find more detail in their 12 page explanation of the Forever Living business opportunityor as they call it ‘ the greatest opportunity in the world’.

If you continue to grow your Forever Living business, then you might qualify for some of the incentives which are reserved for the top performers.

There was even advice on how to promote the products without personally breaking the pharmaceutical laws. Unfortunately this also means that all the other Forever Living FBOs can also reach your target market.

The company doesn’t care how many members join, to them it just means more products are being bought. A FLP review by one more cup of coffee, had similar findings.

Final Thoughts There’s no such thing as a ‘secret to success’. Is Forever Living an Illegal Pyramid Scam Even though they closely resemble a pyramid system, MLMs are legal as long as there are products or services attached to them. They have a network of around 9. We are not alone in our assessment.

Candice joined as a single mum lured in by the possibility of earning some extra cash using nothing more markteing the internet. We believe you can’t make money with network marketing.

As you order more product and sponsor more people, you can qualify for more income. Like millions of others, she signed up with the hopes of solving fop financial problems, but it didn’t take long for the dreams to turn into nightmares.


We’ll look at each of the flags below: Even though they closely resemble a pyramid system, MLMs are legal as long as there are products or services attached to them. In their quest for commissions, they may overlook that fact that there is no scientific evidence amrketing support their claims.

The first thing we notice is that ‘ all achievements are based on case credits’. Candice’s story is fflp from an isolated case, in fact there are some which are claiming that Forever Living is a Scam!

Forever living sell their products through network marketing.

The internet makes it easy for you to reach people all over the world. If you continue to grow your FLP network and reach the level of ‘manager’, you will qualify for leadership bonuses.

They even offer a simple process for guaranteed success with FLP. According to the business opportunity, multi-level marketing ‘ allows you to achieve tremendous financial gains’.

This is explained in the video below:. They were able to isolate chemicals in the plant which were responsible for causing intestinal tumors. We aren’t here to review the company, we want to know if everyday people can make money from the business opportunity.

With Forever Living, she struggled to break even and was damaging friendships. To qualify for any commission, you must remain active and personally order at least 1 CC of product per month. Let us know what you think in the comments section below, especially if you can share your experience with Forever Living. There is now a wide range of FLP products which includes weight loss, nutrition, Bee products, essential oils and more.

Try and find independent information about the products. Forever Living pays differential commission.