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According to various biographers, his family home contained more than three thousand books. Guevara also wrote poetry, but he seemed to soon realise that he preferred reading that of others.

However, obviously Guevara didn’t spend his life as a doctor.

Comment Box is loading comments Guevara was always a fan of poetry, particularly as a solitary child who took refuge in literature and nature. I won’t go through all the details, as they’re quite well known. The latter item, Guevara’s “Cuaderno Verde”contained a series of poems that I’ll base this post on.



After Guevara’s assassination, his belongings passed through several owners and the whereabouts of the green notebook rel unknown. After meeting Castro, the rest is pretty much history.

El cuaderno verde del CHE /Che’s Green Notebook (Spanish Edition)

However, until his death he retained his passion for literature. There were twelve rolls of film, maps drawn with coloured pencils, a portable radio that hadn’t worked for some time, a pair of diaries and a green notebook.

When Che Guevara was shot by the CIA inhe was found with dwl possessions el cuaderno verde del che a little backpack. Some of the interesting recurring topics in the poems selected and handwritten by Guevara in his green notebook are love, death, war, and injustice including injustice towards people of African descent. Maybe through each selected poem we can learn a little more about Guevara himself.

Paco Ignacio Taibo II – El cuaderno verde del CHE – ​LATINO BOOK REVIEW

Click here to purchase. Box Donna, TX. It was untilwhen an old friend el cuaderno verde del che trusted source of Paco provided him with photocopies of the mysterious green notebook and its contents.

After careful examination, Paco was able to authenticate the handwriting and discover that the green notebook was actually a collection of sixty-nine poems vrede prominent Latino poets, selected, copied and hand written by Ernesto “Che” Guevara himself.

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Che Guevara’s “Cuaderno Verde” (Green Notebook) and León Felipe | Tolstoy Therapy

Newer Post Older Post. His parents were also committed socialists, and he was heavily influenced by the tales of injustice and oppression that visitors told about their time during the Spanish Civil War.

El cuaderno verde del CHE is a fascinating read, especially for those interested in Ernesto “Che” Guevara, poetry, or are just curious and would cuadreno to read all sixty-nine poems and contemplate as to why he would specifically choose to copy and write each one of them into his green notebook.

Che El cuaderno verde del cheLeon Felipepoetrytranslation. Guevara went on to study Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires.