Introduction This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a remarkable book. According to a. The Great Initiates has ratings and 10 reviews. Édouard Schuré The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our. RELIGION/OCCULT. “Édouard Schuré speaks about the ‘Great Illuminated,’ the Great Initiates, who have looked deeply into the background of things, and from.

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One afternoon he was sitting in a corner of the lofty gallery of the cathedral, gazing in deep absorption at the light streaming through a great rose window.

The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions

The beauty of the Venus di Milo, of Dionysus, of the wounded Amazon, penetrated deeply into the boy, awakening in him a love and appreciation for the world of ancient Greece, which was to play so significant a role in his later work. Ziki rated it it edouard schure the great initiates ok Aug 25, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This knowledge was among the most profoundly moving inner experiences of my soul Something of the spirit of the great mystics, Meister Eckhart and Johannes Tauler, whose lives were connected with this place, touched the soul of the boy, and he felt the transforming edouard schure the great initiates of the Friends of God of Strasbourg.

He is shown to be the manifestation of the divine Word through man. During the First World War innumerable letters accumulated at my home, the most sincere of them from the battlefront.

But these needs can be satisfied only by the messengers of the spiritual world, who have attained the highest level of development. Those great prophets, those powerful figures whom we call Rama, Edouard schure the great initiates, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato and Jesus, appeared before me in a homogeneous group.


For, as Carlyle wrote, “Fantasy, being the organ of the Godlike, man thereby — though based, to all seeming, edouard schure the great initiates the small Visible, — does nevertheless extend down into the infinite deeps of the Invisible, of which Invisible, indeed, his Life is properly the bodying. And no one understood that better than Rudolf Steiner.

Then, as we were going out, he related to me wonderful things about John, about the Gospel of St. How diverse in form, appearance and color! Schure describes the Great Pyramid of Giza as an initiation temple and describes, in detail, how edouard schure the great initiates rituals were conducted there.

Of course I could not say where I had got all this and why it was so and not otherwise. It is a protest against what he called “a false idea of truth and progress” current in his time, and in ours as well.

Jesus, the last great initiate

Nevertheless, through them all moved the impulse of the eternal Word. At first the ideas appeared startling to the majority of readers.

A large part of our youth has become interested in what its new masters call Naturalism, thus degrading the beautiful name of Nature, for Naturalism is the systematic negation edouard schure the great initiates the soul and the spirit.

Feb 14, Bruce rated it it was ok.

He believed the Brahmans had to protect their pure Aryan blood from admixtures with the blood of the other – inferior – races of India after the ‘invasion’ of India by the Aryans. The book thus has great value as a historical document.

The Great Initiates

Read th as a historical document with great importance for the history of Western esotericism, but not as a factual work. Paulina rated it liked it Mar 02, Sucala rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Thanks for telling schuee about the problem. Edouard schure the great initiates may or may not enjoy it, but he will not easily forget it.


Once one has gained confidence in such a edkuard of the human capacities for knowledge, he edouard schure the great initiates already entered upon the path, at the end of which stand the Great Initiates.

I can hardly express what inner satisfaction I felt when Steiner made this clear to me, and further, what encouragement I received to continue the work I had been doing. It reflects the lives and deeds of human beings of extraordinary stature: Whoever observes this clearly will not question the transitory necessity of materialism.

Slowly and surely The Great Initiates continued on its way through the gloom, winning its success by its own strength.

Édouard Schuré and The Great Initiates

In a certain sense, The Great Initiates is a pioneer work. Alex Cano rated it really liked it Oct 09, For a long while I had edouard schure the great initiates in spirit initiaets initiates of the past, whose history and development I had attempted to describe. Alejandro rated it really liked it Jan 25, No trivia or quizzes yet.

Valerio Sinigaglia rated it it was schyre Dec 04, These deeds can be recognized in the spiritual history of mankind, and this book traces the path from these deeds to the souls of the Illuminated themselves Elenfuin rated it really liked it Apr 14, The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our great search–the greatest search of all–the quest for the grsat.

I could not escape the impression that he had met these edouard schure the great initiates again in the cathedral. A personality speaks through this book, penetrating with intuitive eyes into the activity of the soul powers which embody themselves in man.