Circular Susep nº , del 30 de julio de The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) is an autarchy created by the Decree-law #73/66 directly. The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) – the body responsible . are based on internal controls set out in SUSEP Circular / by the Insurance SUSEP Circular / and Capitalization Companies, implementation of internal controls SUSEP Circular / systems within the .

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In reinsurance relationships, coverage is essentially denied in case of: Do any particular corporate governance requirements apply to re insurers, including any eligibility criteria for directors and officers? The headings are also helpful because they briefly and accurately describe the topic and enable me to quickly and efficiently decide what I may or may not want to read in more detail. In reinsurance relationships, direct action by a third party is not allowed as no contractual or legal relationship exists between the parties.

Tax Tax liability What tax liabilities arise susel the conduct of re insurance business?

Main Rules by Subject — SUSEP

Are personnel of re insurers subject to any professional qualification requirements? However, reinsurance contracts are traditionally executed, and no innovations have been seen to date.

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. BrazilGlobal Sksep 7 What are the consequences of non-compliance with the operating requirements applicable to re insurers? In the insurance and reinsurance market, the existing trends show moderate and continuous growth.

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Election and appointment of the members of the board of directors and others councils of insurers, capitalization companies and private pension funds. Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, the penalties include warnings, fines, suspension, disqualification and cancellation of the authorisation to operate a business.

The insurance and reinsurance industry is primarily governed by: Provides about the sussp capital based on underwriting risks of local reinsurers and other subjects.

Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities. Usually, where the insured is notably guilty, a third party can file a claim directly with the insurer under liability insurance. Rules the registration, custody and transfer of securities and exchanges linked to provisions.

Claims General What general rules, requirements and procedures govern the filing of insurance claims? Can any terms by implied into re insurance contracts eg, a duty of good faith? If these fail, or if the insured prefers not to request reconsideration, the insured may file suit. What are the current trends in and future prospects for the insurance and reinsurance markets in your jurisdiction?

Therefore, since this suxep a long and slow procedure, the delay affects the right of compensation of the insured or the re insurer.

Other fiscal responsibilities apply at the state and municipal levels.

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The reinsurance market is expected to follow the same trend. For insurers and local reinsurers, the minimum required capital is set by CNSP Resolutions, and comprises: Changes in Control corcular Portfolio Transfers. Reporting and disclosure What ongoing regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements apply to re insurers?


Establishes transitory rules for the IRB Brasil Re reinsurance and retrocession operations, for the acquisition of reinsurance directly or through brokers, for the acquisition of reinsurance in foreign currency. How are insurance disputes with a cross-border element handled in your jurisdiction?

Are there any compulsory or preferred venues for insurance litigation in your jurisdiction? Consumer protection Regulation What consumer protection regulations are in place to safeguard the rights of purchasers of insurance products and services? Rules the reinsurance, retrocession and its intermediation policies, the coinsurance operations, the consumption of insurance abroad and the transactions in foreign currency.

Provides about minimum capital requirements for authorization and operation of local reinsurance cirrcular and other subjects. For insurers and local reinsurers, the minimum required capital is suse by CNSP Resolutions, and comprises:.

Payments will then be arranged according to the privileges and classification of creditors. As a rule, suits relating to insurance issues are filed before the common civil court and the special civil courts.

Non-compliance What are the consequences of non-compliance with the operating requirements applicable to re insurers? Arbitration What regime governs the arbitrability of insurance disputes?

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