CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. January Note: General Instructions for CSA Standards are now called Updates. Please. 1 Preface This is the thirteenth edition of CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published. Erstattes av: CAN/CSA B Alert Tilbaketrukket. Pris: NOK 1 ,00 (eks. mva) NOK 1 ,75 (ink. mva). Omfang: This is a searchable PDF

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Regulator — Appliance regulator — can csa-b149.1-05 pressure regulator located in the valve train of an appliance. The ground shall first be prepared and provided with gravel for drainage. Pressure regulator — a device, either adjustable or nonadjustable, can csa-b149.1-05 controlling and maintaining, within acceptable limits, a uniform outlet pressure.

January 15 Replaces p. Such csa-v149.1-05 valve shall have an attached operating handle. January 43 Replaces p.

Back check valve — a valve that is normally closed and allows flow in can csa-b149.1-05 one direction. Motorized home — a vehicular portable structure of self-propelled design. Anodes shall be magnesium.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group

Duty of gas company cwa-b149.1-05 file construction standards with provincial safety manager. Care must therefore be taken not to csa-b194.1-05 on the change markers to determine the current requirements of the Code. Lubricated-plug-type valve — a manually operated valve of the plug and barrel type that is a provided with means for maintaining a lubricant between its bearing surfaces; cda-b149.1-05 so designed that the lapped bearing surfaces can be lubricated and the lubricant level maintained can csa-b149.1-05 removing the valve from service; c so constructed that the lubricant can be stored in a reservoir so as to can csa-b149.1-05 distributed evenly over the entire lapped bearing surfaces of the valve when the plug is rotated; and d equipped with built-in stops to limit the rotation of the plug to one quarter turn when fully opening or fully closing the valve.


Ventilation air — see Air supply. Set pressure — the start-to-discharge pressure can csa-b149.1-05 which a can csa-b149.1-05 valve is set and marked.

Notes to can csa-b149.1-05 and tables, however, are considered part can csa-b149.1-05 the figure or table and may be written as mandatory requirements. It now consists of the following pages: Gas Safety Regulation [includes amendments up to B. This valve shall be at the point of entry of the piping system to the building. Vent connector — that part of a venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include can csa-b149.1-05 draft-control device.

Safety shut-off valve — see Valve. Tent trailer — a vehicular portable structure built on its own chassis and having a rigid or canvas top and side walls that may be folded or otherwise condensed csa-b149.10-5 transit.

Chimney draft can csa-b149.1-05 the available natural draft of the chimney measured at or near the base of the chimney. The start-to-discharge pressure setting of such a hydrostaticrelief device shall be neither less than psig kPa nor more than psig kPa. January 31 Replaces p. This requirement shall apply to engines of all inputs, and the ventilation openings shall be arranged can csa-b149.1-05 short circuiting of the exhausted and make up air streams.


Revised Contents, Clauses 1. Inspection shall be adequate to can csa-b149.1-05 that sound joints have been made. January 9 Replaces p. Draft hood — a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. Fitting — an item in a piping or tubing system that is used as a means of can csa-b149.1-05, such as an elbow,return bend, tee, union, can csa-b149.1-05, coupling, or cross, but does not include such functioning items as avalve or pressure regulator.

It has an upstream compressor can csa-b149.1-05 to a downstream turbine and a combustion chamber in between. Enclosure — a secondary structure room within or attached to a structure building in which an appliance is installed.

CSA B149.1-00

For higher operating pressures, tubing and fittings shall be rated for can csa-b149.1-05 minimum of psig kPa. Structure — the entire building in which an appliance is installed.

Regulator sizing shall be subject to theminimum available inlet supply pressure. FAN Min — can csa-b149.1-05 minimum appliance input rating of a Category I appliance with a fan-assisted combustionsystem that could be attached to the vent.